the old is better?

A little while ago, I broke my glasses and had them repaired.

As far as I remember, I bought the glasses almost 10 years ago. These are the one of the first few pairs that I had ever bought. I put my prescription lenses and have been using them for 6 years or so. Just same as the article above, had a hard time to find a repair man. I was gonna just dump them if I couldn’t find a right person for repair. The good thing is that anything made by hand can be repaired by a man.
Then again, the old is better?
A thick heavy leather was used for your winter protection in the old days, but we only need some light weighted hard-shell today.
The old is good in a way. The quality of the materials used in a product is better than the ones used in todays’ on the same cost. it owes to the evolution of the manufacturing technology.
The materials are less chemical which could also be applied to anything goes directly onto/into your body.
Some may look for rarity which gives its value in the market. For instance, some materials are banned for CITES today. Or the source is no longer available. Or the factory is long gone out of business. Even more, no one is around who can use a certain technique in the required field.
On the other hand, the technology progresses faster than ever.
We don’t buy CD anymore. You can store your favorite songs in cloud server so that you can listen to, or share any songs with anyone, anytime. Some say that we don’t need to play a musical instrument to make some music. Either it is computer generated music or played by an acoustic instrument, we still enjoy music. A film or writing, same story. Today, the difference we have changed the media we use to entertain ourselves.
Thanks to all the Information Technology, you can contact anyone in the world at any moment, These technological development have made anything convenient, less work, and less time. More to say, less people. The labor is…another issue, here.
If it’s good or bad, we benefit from the technology. I think that a self-driving car should be such a great option for disabled people. I know there will be always some people like an old-school (usually) car that has some kind of status or meaning.
Anyway, when someone is creating a service or a product, the target users are people.
No matter if it’s for commercial or non-commercial purpose, it is for people.
The technology has brought us more options ever. One day, I can correct my vision without glasses, contact lenses and a surgery.
The old is better?
I think, I could say that you can feel the human element in anything from the old.
There, however, is always a human element in whichever people are involved.
It may depend on the lifestyle of each individuals.
The “heavy” and “a lot” is over,,,,,just my feeling.