Listen up, kids

Music saves your life.
Luckily or sadly, I am still alive….

I’m like a cat in a cage,
Locked up and battered and bruised.
I am the prodigal son. A shameful prodigy too.
I am the love of your life, battering ram and confused.
I turn each day into night, I stand there waiting for you.
There is desire to fight, but I have nothing to prove.
With the crowd and some lights, I start to feel things move.
Do you have something to hide, ’cause I think that we all do.
I am a child inside. Back up and give me some room.
I’m just a bastard child, don’t let it go to your head.
I’m just a waste of your time, maybe I’m better off dead.
You turn us loose in the night, I’m fuckin’ jekyll and hyde.
We’ll have the times of our lives, although we’re dying inside.
So let me go, go.
So let me go, go.
Just let me go, go.
I’d rather go it alone.
So let me go, go.
So let me go, go.
Just let me go, go,
I’m never comin’ home.
Don’t start to panic for me, ’cause I have nothing to lose.
I am as bright as the sun, I burn up all that I choose.
Upon the side of the field, I see a city with lights.
I touch her face when I kneel. She tells me she’s not alive.
I am too nervous to run, the kids who scatter and hide.
Still to reach and grab for someone, but end up buried alive.
The world is waiting for me, A world that I rarely knew.
I start to feel in my feet, They kick down walls as they move.

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