Denim is my most favorite fabric all the time.
I do not need heavy leather JKT anymore. Thick wool JKT either.
But when it comes to denim, need some more time to say adios.

My favorites are the ones from the early 70’s.
The Levi 0217 denim which has a little bit of poly.
When it gets worn out, you would see a nice grainy fade of indigo.
one of my favorite books about Denim is,

I still remember, back in the days whenever I was in a school library,
I always kept this book with me.
Such a nice book that captures the days of “summer of love” culture.
As far as I remember, Levi had a campaign asking customers to submit their customized denim. This book has some of them.
I was always thinking of stealing the book every time I return, but never happened.
I have never met this book since then.
yeah, its denim.