20th century

For the past years, I have been trying to throw out/sell my stuff. I had a tendency to collect something. Clothes, shoes, watches, hats, bikes, dishes,…..and the thing is that ,,, I realized most of them are OLD. I think the 90% of my stuff are from pre-70’s, which represents 20th century, I think. There was a moment that I kind of felt that 20th century is over since the Leaman crisis, all the issues happened a few years ago.
THEN, I figured that 20th century is all about owning. Owning something, something like properties, I mean, could be a house, cars, anything tangible for any monetary values. People have been always almost obsessed with buying something. The more expensive, the better. In Tokyo, you can see young kid working as a part time has a Louis Vuitton wallet. Or a couple buying a house with a 30 years-loan and will have to stay in a same place for the rest of their life. The latter seems to me a kind of their ultimate goal for most of people in this country.
Especially from the 90’s, we have been through an era, so-called Globalization all because of Information technology. I think that it was actually Americanization.
20th century…goods & capital…AMERICA….I was one of them having lived through.
Then, here we are,,, now already in the 2nd decade of 21st century.
So,,, Kiss our past good bye.

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